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Bios Versions
I am checking for other/newer Bios versions. Here is a list of a few, that seem to work.

Syl 5x86, a copy from my boardhere
PCChips M919, Ver. 09/15/1998 Shere
PCChips M919, Ver. 10/16/1996 Shere
PCChips M915, Ver. 11/08/1995 Shere
PCChips M921, Ver. 11/08/1995here
ST1A REV. B, Award (!)here
AMI Flasher 4.67here

At the moment I would recomment No. 1 until I find a better one.
The other versions do have problems shutting down windows, but may work with other OS (e.g. Linux) well.

IDE-Drivers V3.3


This is a small tool, which was made for the PCChips M919.
If your PnP-Soundblaster makes troubles, you may try it.
NOTE: I can't be responsible for the accuracy of this information, nor can I promise that you'll be able to solve all of your problems. Further, you must consider and understand you do any modifications at your own risk.