SYL8884 Unofficial Homepage

(SYL8884PCI - EIO 4/5x86 Enhanced Main Board)

Close relatives

This board was sold in several revisions with several names.
These are known so far:

How to distinguish between them?
Syl 5x86
  1. Game port.
  2. Rev 2.1 printed somewhere between two ISA slots.
  3. Uses the latest Rev. of the UMC chipset, which supports now EDO.
  1. The Bios Chip has M921 written on it.
  2. There is V1.1 stamped beside the keyboard connector.
UMC 8880 486 PCI M/B
  1. There is a jumpwire needed for CPU-setup.
  1. ST1A written between the ISA-Slots
  2. Award Bios !