My M915i and Faked Cache

Back in the early 90s, memory was quite expensive. Especially fast Cache Memory was hard to get at all.
All of a sudden boards appeared and although having the cache sockets populated, still being quite cheap.

The only mysterios thing was, that these boards were damn slow!

The german magazine c't revealed, that the Cache-Chips on the boards actually were empty crap.
A few hints for discovering faked cache: Later the WRITE-BACK was replaced my some better (more real) looking printing.

This is, what faked cache on my M915i did look like. (until I removed it)

Boards from PCChips were not the only ones used, but these were the overwhelming part.

This is history now, but might be intersting. More about that story is here.
(BTW the board on the picture on that page looks like a PCChips M919)