Power Supply Connector

The power supply connectors are two six-pin male header connectors. Plug the dual connectors from the power directly onto the board connectors.
Most of power supply have two leads. Each lead has six wires. Two of which are black, orient the connectors, so the black wires are in the middle.

Power Supply Connectors
Pin Description Pin Description
1 Power Good 7 Ground
2 + 5V DC 8 Ground
3 + 12V DC 9 - 5V DC
4 - 12V DC 10 + 5V DC
5 Ground 11 + 5 V DC
6 Ground 12 + 5V DC

J1 Keyboard Connector

A standard five-pin female DIN keyboard connector is located at the rear of the board J1.

Keyboard Connector
Pin Description
1 Keyboard Clock
2 Keyboard Data
3 N.C.
4 Ground
5 + 5VDC

HDD LED Connector

HDD LED Connector
Pin Description
1 5V
2 Active Low

Reset Switch Connector

Attach the Reset switch cable to this connector

Reset Connector
Setting Description
Open Normal Mode
Short Reset System

Internal / External Battery Selectors

Battery Selectors
Description J7
External Battery Pin 1 and pin 4
to connect external battery
Internal Battery Pin 2-3 short
Clear CMOS Pin 3-4 short

Keylock & Power LED Connector

Keylock connector that enables and disables the keyboard and the Power-LED on the case.

Keylock & Power LED Connector
Pin Description
1 LED Output
2 N.C.
3 Ground
4 Keylock

Speaker Connector

Attach the system speaker to connector.

Speaker Connectors
Pin Description
1 DATA Out
2 N.C.
3 Ground
4 + 5V

JP1 Flash ROM Voltage Selector

The mainboard can uses two types of Flash ROM 5 volt and 12 volt. Set the mainboard for either type with jumper JP1. You can update both types with new BIOS files as they come available.

Flash ROM Voltage Selector
Description JP1
12 volt Flash ROM Pin 1-2 short
EPROM and 5 volt Flash ROM Pin 2-3 short

JP3 CPU CLK Selectors

The mainboard has a clock generator that lets you choose the CPU frequency by settings jumpers JP3. You can set the CPU speed to 50 / 60 MHz or 66 MHz as shown below.

CPU CPU CLK Selectors
ON ON 50 MHz

JP4 - CPU CLK Internal 1.5 x, 2 x, 2.5 x, 3 x Selectors

CPU Internal Clock Selectors
OFF OFF 1.5 x
OFF ON 2.0 x
ON ON 2.5 x
ON OFF 3.0 x

CPU Internal Clock Speed = (External Input Clock) x (table list) factor.

JP2 CPU Voltage Regulator Output Selectors

CPU Voltage Regulator Output Selectors
Description JP2
3.3 Volt (STD/VR) Pin 2-3 short
3.5 Volt (VRE) Pin 1-2 short (default)

External Cache Configuration

This mainborad supports a cache module socket you can install pipeline burst SRAM on a cache module in the cache module slot, the cache module size can eirher 256KB or 512KB.

External Cache Configuration
Cache Type Size Data Chip Size Tag Chip Size
Pipeline Burst 256KB 32k32 x 2 pcs 8k8, 16k8 or 32kx8 x 1 pc
512KB 32k32 x 4 pcs 16k8 or 32k8 x 1 pc
512KB 64k32 x 2 pcs 16k8 or 32k8 x 1 pc