M506/M507 Bios Versions

  • IDT = 486 DX66
  • Does not need a flash chip.
  • IDT = 486 DX66
  • Not working with Atmel 29C010 Chip
  • Version for the Amptron PM7600
  • CDRom Boot
  • Atmel 29C010 works
  • IDT = 486 DX66
  • Win98SE works
  • Linux works
  • This Bios offers some nonsens, like:
    • IRQ-setting for the 4th PCI-slot (the board has three)
    • COM1-4 for both UART-ports (valid is UART1=COM1/3, UART2=COM2/4)
    • setting the ECP-DMA Channel (is done via jumpers)
    Be careful here.
  • This is an Award BETA Bios!
  • Atmel 29C010 works
  • IDT recognized
  • CDRom/LS-Boot
  • Supports HDDs >8.4 GB (up to 32 GB).
  • Linux, NT4 and Win98SE cannot use the 2nd IDE-Port.
  • This is a modified version of the bios above!
    Linux and NT can now handle the 2nd IDE-Port
  • Win98SE still has problems with IDE-Ports.
    This can be cured by followind this procedure:
    1. Enter the Device Manger.
    2. Remove the IDE-Controller and all of it's sub-devices.
    3. Switch in System Components/PCI-Bus from Hardware to Bios Detection.
    4. Do a Add new hardware.
    You will now get two IDE/ESDI-ports which are working.
  • Atmel 29C010 works
  • IDT = Pentium 133
  • Large HDD support is unknown.
Use Driver Overlay Software for large HDDs, if the BIOS version does not support such drives.
All Award Bios version before late 97 are unlikely to support HDDs over 8.4 GB.
NOTE: Use ALL versions at your own risk!

Not tested:

The original PCChips description of the 960311-versions can be found here.

For the Award versions use this flasher.
The mr_bios-archive contains a flasher.

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